Leveraging Experiential Learning for meeting MBA learning objectives

ABHIGYAN - Learning Management Concepts Through Theatre, the innovate experiential learning platform of Kristu Jayanti School of Management was presented as a case study in the Indian Management Conclave (IMC) 2018 that was held at IIM Bangalore, organized by MBAuniverse.com on August 3 & 4, 2018. Competing against the teaching pedagogies of leading B-schools and IIMs in the country, Kristu Jayanti School of Management’s methodology was judged the 4th best teaching pedagogy that results in an extraordinary experiential learning to the students.

The traditional methods of teaching management concepts such as classroom lectures, case studies and the Business Simulation have been in use for a while. Though these methods are successful in providing different learning experiences, they have different levels of student engagement. The following reasons have reiterated the need to introduce an exciting learning platform:

a) An experiential learning platform that could leverage the energy levels of the Millennial MBA students was absent in the curriculum. The search for such an Experiential Learning platform resulted in the initiative of Abhigyan – Learning Management Concepts through Theatre.

b) Though the theoretical concepts on the critical managerial skills that are a mandate for a MBA graduate such as Planning, Organizing, Leading, Coordinating, Time Management, Contingency Management, Problem solving, Team work, Interpersonal skills etc are an integral part of a MBA curriculum, an opportunity for the students to engage and learn these skills practically was limited. Abhigyan gives ample opportunities for the students to inculcate these skills in a practical manner.

c) The programme objectives of enabling the students with Entrepreneurial and Project Management skills stand unachieved without a practical exposure to an enterprising and project management opportunity.

d) Inculcating Creativity and Innovation is a big challenge in a traditional classroom setting. Abhigyan gives an opportunity to the students to be creative and innovative.

‘Theatre in Education’ is not a new concept. But ‘Learning Management Concepts Through Theatre’ is indeed a novelty in the field of Management Education. MBA education in a trimester mode of learning is too engaging for the students. An experiential learning platform that brings in learning, togetherness, happiness and memorable experiences for the students was a missing link. Hence, School of Management, Kristu Jayanti College experimented with a theatre based experiential learning platform in management education christened as Abhigyan. Abhigyan, is a ‘Theatre Fest’. It is a festival of learning management science through theatre. It also involves group learning, deliverables, deadlines, on and off stage evaluations, eliminations, feedback, reworks, rehearsals, technology, scripting, drama, settings, costumes, lighting, screen play, direction etc. The learning experience offered by Abhigyan is unique and unmatchable wherein students experientially learn management concepts and managerial skills that are briefed in a classroom. Abhigyan instilled time management, contingency management, communication management, agility, planning skills, co-ordinating, resources allocation etc in the millennial learners. Overall, Abhigyan acted as a tool to achieve the MBA programme objectives by inculcating enterprising, project management and the managerial skills to the students.

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