International Lecture Series

To bring in Industry insights and international perspectives, Kristu Jayanti School of Management invites international speakers that would augment the learning experience of the students. This is provided to both the first and second year MBA students. This year the following lectures were organized”

Kristu Jayanti School of Management in association with the Indian Economic Trade Organisation and Indo- Israel Friendship Society hosted the ‘Indo Israel Conclave 2017’ on September 06, 2017. The event witnessed the presence of esteemed Her Excellency Dana Kursh (Consul General Israel Consulate), Mr. Asif Iqbal (President, Indo Israel Friendship Society), Prof. K.S. Rangappa (Distinguished Professor, University of Mysore), Mr. Appachi Gowda (MLC, Karnataka State Assembly). Master Yathaarth, who is mastering the national anthems of various countries, sang the Israel National anthem impressing the dignitaries on the dais and the audience.

The delegates share their thoughts on various aspects which revolved around strengthening the Indo Israel relationship. They highlighted on maintaining Strategic Partnership between the two nations, by expanding tourist exposure to the country by connecting direct flights from Bengaluru and Delhi. Dr. Aloysius Edward, Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Management, Kristu Jayanti College, welcomed the gathering. The presidential address was given by Rev. Fr. Josekutty P D, Principal, Kristu Jayanti college followed by Inaugural address by Prof. Rangappa who recently visited Israel to deepen their understanding in the technological innovation in the agricultural field. He shared his experience of his visit and also gave an idea of ‘More Crop Per Drop’ which is a strategy of Israelites in the agricultural sector where each drop of water leads to an efficient growth of crops thereby increasing the produce. He also shared the various technologies that they witnessed in the area of irrigation, water treatment, land utilisation etc in Israel. Mr. Appachi Gowda also shared his experience of his recent study trip to Israel.

The keynote address was delivered by Her Excellency Dana Kursh who came up with an acronym describing the relationship between Karnataka and Israel, that is, KITE, which denotes Karnataka Israel Technology and Entrepreneurship. It was a very interesting talk highlighting the similarities between the city of Bangalore and Israel on the spheres of Technology & Entrepreneurship. She quoted that the Government, Academics, Business and Spirituality are the core areas which unites the two countries. She also stressed on the fact that technology which leads to innovation is the key to success in the future endeavours. She extended her hand for student exchange programs to be promoted in Israel for three reasons, low cost, quality education and to experience the hospitality & love of the Israelites. Dr. Vijayabaskaran, Head, Kristu Jayanti School of Management delivered the vote of thanks. The session ended on a high note hoping for strengthening the relationship between the two nations with collaboration & determination towards peace, prosperity and unity.

Speakers: Dr. Robert Webb, Associate Professor, Nottingham University Business School, United Kingdom, Prof Jermy Burgess, Associate Director, International Student Recruitment and Marketing, Faculty of International office, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Rev Fr. Augustine George, Vice Principal, Kristu Jayanti College, welcomed the chief guests with a bouquet. Prof. Jermy started off the session talking about UK and about the Nottingham University & the recent survey results where the university featured at the top. Nottingham University has been hosting International students since 1190AD. The University provides world class, affordable and multi-cultural environment for its students.

Dr. Robert then took over the session talking about the NUBS scholarship. He stated that the cultures in China and India are different. He also mentioned MSC which is very useful in Banking after under graduation to get into banking sector or a financial job internationally. He also mentioned that compared to other universities University of Nottingham takes only a limited number which is a maximum of 30 international students. He also mentioned that students scoring 65% of marks can attain a scholarship of 25% and for the high performing students that is students scoring from 75% and above can attain a scholarship of 80% or even get free education according to their performances.

University also has a very good international placement record in the banking field. The speaker also shared a list of top banks that are regular recruiters from their campus. He also shared about the association of the university with the Chartered Institute of Banking & Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK and also the interactions and the lectures that take place at their campus. Overall, the university offers a great course in Banking with international perspective and experience.

Feedback: This international series was a very informative one and we are thankful to kristu Jayanti College for providing us with opportunities like these – Anju Mary Daniel, Student, School of Management (MBA).

Name and details of the Resource Person: Prof. Yuko Nikaido, Associate Professor, Musashi University, Tokyo, Japan, Prof. Kenta Tanaka, Associate professor, Mushashi University, Japan and Dr. Jesim Pais, Director, Society for Social & Economic Research, New Delhi

Objective: To give students an exposure on the business relationships between India & Japan in the past, present & in the future

International Lecture Series is a very informative and interactive platform with experts across the globe. It is designed to give the management students an international perspective on Business & Management. These talks are conducted by Global experts intended to give the students a deeper understanding of the educational practices and current international management scenarios.

Rev Fr. Augustine George, Vice Principal, Kristu Jayanti College and Dr. Aloysius Edward, Dean Faculty of Commerce welcomed the chief guests with bouquet of flowers. Prof. Yuko Nikaido, Associate Professor, Musashi University, Japan addressed the students of School of Management. She spoke about the relationship between India & Japan in terms of past, present and the future. She also gave comparative insights with regard to the size of business relationship that the Japan has with China and India. She also shared the cultural and socio-economic factors in Japan. She also gave a perspective on the Indians in Japan and also on the recent business ties between the two countries.

The session ended with a Q & A session. Students enthusiastically posted various questions related to the work culture, job opportunities, women empowerment etc followed by Dr. Vijaya Baskaran R, Head, School of Management presenting the Memento to the Speaker.

This session was very informative and it was like we were on a trip to Japan – Ansu Thannikkal Joseph – Student, 2nd year, MBA

Date Topic Speaker
04-Oct-2016 Strategic Leadership Dr. Philip G Laird, Trinity University
27-Jun-2016 Changing Business environment and international scenario Dr. Justin Paul, ‘Professor Graduate School of business administration, University of Puerto Rico, U.S.A

"Millionaire Map"
The Millionaires Map is the first book in history to integrate this mysterious code into an easy method for blueprinting your future and creating the life you desire.

The School of management of Kristu Jayanti College, had organized the International Lecture Series on Millionaire Map on 7th august 2015 to inculcate and train the students on developing the ability to perceive. The program commenced with the lighting of the lamp invoking the presence of the almighty God. During the session, the students were given brief knowledge about the power of being rich and being a millionaire. Mr. Albert Charles Vincent, CEO of GLUECK Technologies Malaysia was invited to take over the Session. His life experiences and examples on Life values, on disciplines, on philanthropist relationship did bring an entire different outlook on our perspective of life. In Address to the students he told the students to dream high, believing on ones self having the attitude of never giving up, achieving greater things along with great purposes focusing on the key aspects such as discipline, ability to perceive, grabbing all the opportunities and always having a mindset of adapting and being the change.

Mr. Albert said the entire thing you do in life, at one point of time you need to give away and he encouraged the students to travel on those roads less travelled, setting greater dreams beyond measure and belief.

At the end of the session, the students were given time to discuss on the topic and to clear all their doubts on the subject. Prof. Aloysius Edward, Dean Commerce and management, Head of the Department and other Faculty members were present during the ILS program.

The international lecture series was held on 10th March 2015, for the MBA batch. The session started off with the invocation song by the department choir. The speaker for the day was Mr. Garrett West, Director, South Asia Dell. He started off the session by sharing his experience and journey. He did his B.A in economics, sociology and politics. He also has a Diploma in business studies, and has completed his ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountant). At present Mr. Garrett is doing his Masters in Law along with his work. The topic that he stressed on for the ILS was skillsets required for corporate success. The achievements required are:

1. Communication
How fluent a person should be in his/ her presenting skills, the confidence they need to possess and how well the person can deliver the message to the others present.

2. Change Management
Every individual should be open to change, take up challenges and change and move according to the situation.
Taking up changes and moving forward is a big challenge by itself.

3. Global Skills
The ability of the person to work in virtual team and cultural awareness and appreciation.

4. Financial Acumen
You need good understanding of financial statements and the ability to speak to leadership.

5. Operational Engagement
The ability to collaborate with your business partners and drive for results.

6. Critical Thinking
Being curious about the things happening in and around you.

7. Execution
Meeting the deliverables on time and exceeding their expectation.

8. Business Acumen
Understanding the business, being aware of the strategy and what impact you can make.

9. Controllership
Doing the right thing and being aware of the uncertanitiies and risk.
The entire session was interesting, the session ended with the college anthem.

The international lecture series for the 2nd trimester MBA batch was held on the 3rd of December 2014. The chief guest for the day was his Excellency John Aqualina. He moved as a refugee to Australia and he completed his studies. Later he was elected as a Mayor in Malta and then he later became the Member of The Parliament. He started off the session by telling how he made his dreams and aims in life come true. He also encouraged and told the students about the opportunities that are available in Malta. He compared the Indian culture with the culture in Malta, and even though there is significant difference in the population size, at an individual level the environment is more of the same. The session was very informative.

The international lecture series session for the MBA batch was held on 11th November 2014. The session started off with an invocation song by the department choir, followed by the welcome speech and a brief introduction about the speaker for the day. The speaker for the day was Dr. Erhard Juerke, Director International business Fachhochschule Dortmund, he completed his graduation in English and Politics and he serves as a professor and his teaching fields are Comparative CSR studies. Dr. Erhard started the session by talking in brief about what a comparative CSR activities does.CSR means responsibilities of companies outside the business field CSR allows you to understand your strategies, enables you to see the strengths and opportunities in a country etc. He explained about the core characteristics of CSR.

  • Voluntary
  • Managing externalities
  • Multiple stakeholder orientation
  • Social and economic alignment
  • Practices and values
  • Beyond philanthropy
  • Dr. Erhard gave more light on the topic CSR in Germany.

  • Implicitly caring
  • Implicitly integrative
  • Co-operative
  • Sophisticated internationally
  • Sophisticated at home
  • Still largely invisible
  • Implicitly caring means its use shall also serve the public good. Implicitly integrative means it is strong, legally based stakeholders participation. Here the business understood as social institution in a complex but firm relationship with society. Co-operative means strong Government business partnership for activities beyond compliance. Sophisticated at home is nothing but CSR as a differentiator appealing to specific market segments with strong sustainability. Finally he concluded by saying that CSR is a megatrend with different approaches rooted in a specific context. The session was very interesting and interactive. The ILS concluded with the college anthem.

    DATE: 30/7/2014
    TIME: 3.30pm.
    The second International Lecture Series for the MBA batch was held on 30th July 2014 at 3.30pm. The session started off with an invocation song by the department choir, followed by the welcome speech and a brief introduction about the speaker for the day. The speaker for the ILS was Mrs. Anupama Menon (Director, Research Axis Ltd, UK). She has a very advanced knowledge of market research and has setup her very own company Research Axis in UK. She completed her B.E from Bangalore and later pursued her MBA from USA. At present she is working in UK. She has also been working with Edkons International Education Consultancy, which offers opportunities for students from Middle East and India.

    Ms. Anupama started the session by sharing her own experience, how she worked towards achieving her goal, every point was explained by her experience in life. Every step of the way has a bump and learning and experience during the day will help us to move forward. As students we need to put ourself in the real world and see what can be learnt from the world outside. There are so many things that one needs to learn along the journey of life. The foremost potential that an individual must acquire is 'communication skills'. Even if we have all other skills but lack communication skills, we can never come up. We must be able to put forward all our ideas and views by communicating to others. This was explained by an infamous example, 'the elevator pitch'. One must be able to explain or give brief information about yourself to another person or an interviewer within 30 seconds because research says; a human attention span is less than that of a gold fish.

    Great academics can get you through the door, you need much more to survive and flourish and hence we need to be proactive, take genuine interest in the entire process, be enterprising, have entrepreneurial thinking, decision making skills and learn to work with a team and lead it effectively. The next crucial thought that a determined person needs is passion, this is explained well with a famous quote by Steve Jobs, "If you don't love what you do, well you should not be doing it". "There is an expiry date for excuses" J.K.Rowling. We cannot always give excuses and move away without doing things, but we must take up responsibilities and tasks and work towards the accomplishment of that. If the task is important to you, you'll find a way, if not you'll find an excuse.

    Ms. Anupama concluded the session by stating a quote given by Jhump Lahiri, Your still young, free. Do yourself a favour, before its too late, without thinking too much about it first, pack a pillow and a blanket and see as much of the world as you can. You will not regret it. The session was very interactive and mesmerizing, it concluded by the vote of thanks.

    The third international lecture series session for the MBA batch was held on 12th August 2014. The session started off with an invocation song by the department choir, followed by the welcome speech and a brief introduction about the speaker for the day. The speaker for the day was Dr. Marina Apaydin, professor, department of management, the American University in Cairo. She is a professor in strategic management; she did her MBA in finance and international business and MA in Islamic studies. She has worked and consulted in different countries like USA, France, Saudi Arabia etc. Dr .Marina has written many articles and has also been serving as a board of director.

    Dr Marina started the session by showing a small video on how to be determined and daring and move ahead in life. She emphasized on few other topics i.e. why don't we get what we want, 3A approach to life, building your career, building your portfolio and networking. The reason behind why we don't get few things in our life is because we don't know what we want in life. Firstly we need to realize what we want, plan how you want to get it, make a strategy to fulfill the plan. 3A approach Awareness, Analysis and Action "the general population doesn't know what is happening and it doesn't even know that it doesn't know". There are certain things in our life that we know but there are also things that you don't realize that you know. We as humans need to analyze certain things and we should never come to a conclusion that we know everything. An idea not coupled with an action never becomes bigger than the brain cell it occupies. We need to understand the strategic triangle i.e. what you want, what you can do and what the market needs. Make your own luck "There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs", hence we need to increase the number of skills and increase the depth of our skills. Dr Marina also emphasized on how we can build our portfolio.

  • A well designed continuously updated CV.
  • Learn new languages and improve your accent
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Practice behavioral techniques and body language
  • Learn new application
  • Research information extensively
  • Never be afraid to volunteer for unknown new tasks
  • Practice makes perfect
  • She concluded the session by discussing the top reasons to get a business degree. Hear something, improve your career and establish a network. It's not all about you; it's what you can do for others. The session was very interesting and interactive. The ILS concluded with the college anthem

    A Lecture by Dr. Justin Paul, 'Professor Graduate School of business administration, University of Puerto Rico, U.S.A.' on "Changing Business environment and the International Scenario" delivered on July 22, 2014 for the students of MBA 1st trimesters.

    He initiated his lecture session with overview of how Globalization changed the way of business which makes the producers hard to survive in the current market due to the high competition unless they are able to create a name and brand. He advised the students to be competitive and in a country like India where competition is intensified we need to show that we are more bright and better than other prospects. We should know what to do and what not to do. Time is the most important and utilizing time in the best way is the key to success. Ninety percent is hard work and ten percent is luck for success. He also stressed on the importance of interdependence.

    In addition he discussed the Indian IT sector which derived a lot of revenue from U.S sector and how important a role Indians play in US. He was able to introduce the Masstige marketing strategy which is a combination of mass market and prestige brands. It generally tries to create a top awareness of a company brand among large population. He was able to also introduce S to S(sales to stranger) marketing with triple S strategy.

    It was learning and interactive session for the students where he answered all the queries put up by the students to their full satisfaction. The captivated way of narration of answers by speaker has created an excitement among the students. The lecture has proven to be very inspiring and informative for the students.

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